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There's no compromise on good old fashioned service.

Have you ever wished you could get that perfect cup of coffee delivered to wherever you are at whatever time of day?

Does the thought of a steaming hot blend instantly make your mouth water?

Can you tell the quality of a coffee bean simply from the smell produced by a barista's brew? Look no further. The Caffeine Capsule is your coffee solution.

If you have just arrived at work and can't stand the thought of another instant coffee or you are standing on a field supporting your children's sport game and craving for a good, hot coffee, there are few better sights (and smells) than that of a fresh, hot and perfectly blended cup of coffee.

Coffee Bean

At The Caffeine Capsule, their promise of quality coffee goes all the way back to the beans that they use in their blend. Using only the best local beans, Caffeine Capsule is able to create a stunning taste while continuing to support local businesses. Coffee Lush produces multi-award winning coffee beans that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides. This medium to dark roast is perfectly balanced and is simply a must to taste.

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