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Coffee Beans

Renowned for delivering some of the best coffee throughout the Gold Coast, not many people
would guess just how much goes into making that perfect cup. Aside from transporting top of the line barista equipment in their instantly recognisable black and green mobile coffee van, The Caffeine Capsule’s passion for coffee goes much deeper.

If you have ever had the pleasure of smelling the stunning aroma of a Caffeine Capsule coffee before tasting the bold flavours of their brews, you will know that this is no ordinary coffee van.

When it comes to an element as essential as the coffee beans, The Caffeine Capsule cuts no corners. Using only freshly roasted and ground organic multi-award winning coffee beans, you can rest assured knowing that your pick-me-up is more than just a coffee.

Gold Coasters who visit the Caffeine Capsule mobile coffee van are treated to the taste of Coffee Lush coffee beans, which are grown on the north coast of NSW in Casino.

Coffee Lush is extremely passionate about their industry, and strives to produce premium coffee that simply tastes delicious. Securing the status of a quality single estate coffee, Coffee Lush utilises the rich volcanic soil of Haywards Ridge near Byron Bay. Mixed with the subtropical climate, these areas combine to create an ideal region for growing coffee plants. Coffee Lush boasts their ability to grow a superior coffee bean that is naturally lower in caffeine.

Coffee Lush Arabica coffee is produced without the use of pesticides, giving you the peace of mind you need before sipping on this tasty blend. Pesticides are often used to prevent disease and pests from affecting the level of caffeine present in a coffee bean. Fortunately for Coffee Lush, their beans are grown in an environment that is uniquely free from such factors.

As quality coffee producers, Coffee Lush is experienced in knowing how to get the most out of their bean. From enhancing the flavour through traditional sun drying methods through to a long perfected roasting process, every step of the process at Coffee Lush is thought out to the finest of details. Coffee Lush and Caffeine Capsule know how important your cup of coffee can be. Whether you’re catching up over coffee with a lifelong friend or gearing up for that big meeting, coffee is always by your side. Which is why years of work goes into producing your cup.

The Caffeine Capsule attributes the renowned flavours of its fresh coffee to this exceptional bean. With a subtle and sophisticated medium/dark roast with a balance unlike any other, it is no wonder people keep coming back again and again.

You could be one phone call away from the rich dark chocolate aroma of a Coffee Lush blend,
poured professionally by The Caffeine Capsule on the Gold Coast. Take a moment to taste the pure, fresh, smooth, full-bodied and distinctly sweet flavour of a coffee from The Caffeine Capsule.

Whether you book The Caffeine Capsule mobile coffee van for your next event or simply ask them to drop by your work each morning, this is one coffee that is always worth the wait.