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Coffee Menu

To the inexperienced, a coffee can be just that – a little bit of caffeine used simply for an energy boost. However, those who have come to know and appreciate caffeine and all of its subtleties will understand the difference between a cappuccino and a cafe latte.

The Caffeine Capsule is as passionate about coffee as you are, and would never even consider mixing up your coffee order like your last intern did. To keep up with the overwhelming demand, The Caffeine Capsule has a wide range of items on their coffee menu in an attempt to ensure every Gold Coaster can walk away happy.

Whether you are a traditionalist who loves coffee the way it was meant to be, or want something with a modern twist, The Caffeine Capsule’s trained barista can create a cup of coffee that you won’t want to end. However, they don’t just stop at coffee. With hot chocolates and speciality tea, The Caffeine Capsule truly has something for everyone. The Caffeine Capsule even has soft drink available on weekends or during specific events, so you can grab the coffee you need while the kids quench their thirst as well.

Caffiene Capsule’s coffee is grown in casino NSW and is 100% organic.

Coffee Lush is ground fresh every day.

Coffee Lush has won three silver medals over the last three years for the golden bean award.

We’ve listed a few of our favourite menu items below, but can make speciality mixes on request.

Cafe Latte

Made mostly from steamed milk and a shot of espresso, a cafe latte is unique due its ratio of two parts coffee to one part steamed milk. Despite what some chain coffee stores might have taught you, cafe lattes are much less like a flat white than you might assume.

Short Black

Essentially a shot of espresso, a Short Black is exactly 30 mls of your favourite coffee blend (or, in our case, delicious coffee beans from Coffee Lush). Served straight from the machine and into your cup, this is coffee at its purest.


This Italian brew is a mixture of hot milk, milk foam and a shot of coffee. With more foam and less volume of liquid than a cafe latte, what was traditionally a drink reserved for breakfast has been embraced by many cultures as a beverage to consume throughout the day.

Cafe Macchiato

Occasionally referred to as an espresso macchiato, this drink is essentially a shot of espresso with a small amount of milk or milk foam. Macchiato is the Italian word for “spotted”, making the translation of cafe macchiato along the lines of “coffee and a spot of milk”.

Hot Chocolate

There are few times in life where a hot chocolate wouldn’t be equally as enjoyable as a fresh coffee. The sweet aroma of chocolate, the cosy feel of a warm cup of cocoa in your hand and that first magical sip. Although coffee can be a must have, a hot chocolate is that sneaky treat you will never regret.


Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just need something a little less intense than a coffee, The Caffeine Capsule has a variety of traditional and speciality teas to help you get your fix without getting wired.